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Music Theory


Online lessons (all instruments): 


To take online lessons, you just need a few things that many people already have in their homes:

  • High-speed internet connection (broadband is best, but other connections may also work).
  • Dependable computer that can be set up near your instrument, with a Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 operating system. IPads also work well for Skype lessons; smart phones do not.
  • Webcam. Most laptop computers have built-in webcams, and external webcams are very inexpensive. If you do not already have a webcam, it is best to get one that is at least 3MP.
  • Microphone. Many webcams and laptop computers have built-in microphones, which will work fine for most students. Click here for a good external microphone that doesn't distort sound when music is played. If you're taking woodwind or piano lessons, please do not use a headset as your only microphone.
  • Skype. This is how we will hear and see each other during online lessons. Skype is free and easy to set up. To get Skype, go to www.skype.com.
  • A quiet environment during lessons. An environment with a lot going on in the background will create many distractions and frustrations for both the student and teacher.
  • Headphones may be helpful, but are not required. These will eliminate any "echo" that happens as the microphone picks up the sound coming out of your speakers.