Voice Lessons for Kids


Who can take voice lessons with Becky?
Voice lessons are available to students who are 6-12 years old, only as an addition to a weekly piano lesson. Students can choose from a 30-minute piano lesson with a 15-minute voice lesson (45 minutes total), or a 40-minute piano lesson with a 20-minute voice lesson (60 minutes total). By taking piano lessons along with voice lessons, students will learn to read music, music theory, and eventually how to accompany themselves enough to warm up and practice melodies. Students who are already taking piano lessons with another teacher should contact me about stand-alone voice lessons. Once a student reaches 12 years old, they can begin taking lessons with a traditional voice teacher.  

Won't voice lessons injure a child's vocal cords? 
Many teachers will not teach voice lessons to kids who are in elementary school. They state that voice lessons will injure their delicate vocal cords and that they need to wait until their voices mature before beginning serious vocal study. All of this is very true for traditional vocal study. However, voice lessons in my studio will not be traditional voice lessons. Instead, we will focus on age-appropriate literature, with singable tunes, limited ranges and often fun lyrics. In addition to singing songs, we will work on proper breathing, posture, phrasing, and ear training--things that are valuable and accessible to musicians of any age and will give them a solid foundation for traditional voice lessons or choirs when they are older. Many young students are already singing, and they may develop many bad habits and even potentially injure their voice if they wait to take voice lessons until they are in middle school or later. 

I really want my child to have longer voice lessons. Can they take longer lessons? 
Students need to begin lessons with no more than the 40/20 minute piano/voice model listed above. If, after a student has had at least a few weeks of lessons, they show dedication and an ability to focus for more than an hour, we can talk about longer lessons. Voice lessons without piano lessons may be considered only if a student already plays the piano at an early intermediate level or higher. I will not teach a voice lesson longer than 30 minutes to avoid possible vocal injury. 

Do I need to buy anything for my child's voice lessons? 
Your child will need a way to practice with recordings that I make and email to you. It is best if the child has their own device to practice with, so they don't have to wait for a parent to have an available device for them to use. There are many MP3 players available for very little cost. Some devices may need external speakers, and there are also many of these available for low prices. I do not recommend that students use headphones, as these can distort the student's perception of their own voice. Occasionally I may ask you to buy a book of songs for your child to sing. If I have asked you to buy a book, it is because we will use at least half of the songs that are in the book. I will sometimes loan out books if I'm not planning on using more than a song or two from them, and I will sometimes find and print free (legal) sheet music for your child to use. Your child will also need a piano or keyboard, piano method books, and a metronome for their piano lessons. 

My child is ready to begin lessons! How do we start? 
If your child is not currently a piano student of mine, you can begin by filling out the form on the Contact page. I will then contact you with a list of openings, and we will work together to find a weekly lesson time. I may ask questions about your child's age, musical background and level of interest to help determine which materials to begin with. If your child is currently a piano student of mine, just ask me at their next piano lesson and we can come up with a schedule. Your child might need to move to a different lesson time if there is a student who comes right after them. 


Can't afford lessons? If your family is currently on the free or reduced school lunch program, you may be eligible for Music Link, an organization that provides full or partial scholarships for lessons and free or discounted music and instruments. To learn more, contact me. Home school families and adults may also be eligible. 





Ready to begin lessons? E-mail me using the Contact page or call me at 715-220-2391.