Piano Scale Sheets

Piano scale sheets are for reference if a student forgets how to play a scale between lessons. Parents, scale sheets are meant for reference only. Do not let your child(ren) use these sheets more than absolutely necessary--they will still need to have their scales memorized for their lessons!

Note: Students need to know finger numbers to be able to read the scale sheets. Each beginning lesson book has a diagram showing finger numbers somewhere in the first few pages (before the first song).

Piano Scales on the Staff
Piano Major Scales

Piano Scale Diagrams 
C Major Scale         G Major Scale 

D Major Scale         A Major Scale

E Major Scale          B Major Scale

F Major Scale          Bb Major Scale

Eb Major Scale        Ab Major Scale

Db Major Scale        Gb Major Scale

Woodwind Scale Sheets

Each woodwind student will be provided a scale sheet at the first lesson. If that sheet gets lost, another one can be found here.

Oboe Scales 

Oboe Scales--Elementary Part 1

Oboe Scales--Elementary Part 2

Oboe Scales--Intermediate

Oboe Scales--Advanced

Bassoon Scales
Bassoon Scales--Elementary

Bassoon Scales--Intermediate

Flute Scales
Flute Scales--Intermediate

Clarinet Scales
Clarinet Scales: C, G, F, D Major

Saxophone Scales
Saxophone Scales--Elementary



Piano Exercises

5 Finger Exercise - This is an exercise designed to work on finger independence and proper hand position. 

I-IV-I-V7-I Chord Pattern (Left Hand) - A simple chord pattern that can be used for accompaniments. There are 5 keyboards shown, each with different combinations of notes. Play the notes shown on each keyboard together as a chord, then play the next keyboard's chord, and so on, one right after another.

Legato vs. Staccato - An exercise for students learning to play one hand staccato while playing the other hand legato.

Exercise in Thirds

Flying Fingers

C Major Exercises - Scales, chords, and arpeggios in C major. 

Pedal Work - An intro to the sustain pedal. 



Woodwind Exercises

Treble Clef Low Range Exercises - Exercises for flute, oboe, or saxophone students who need work playing in the low range of their instrument. Each exercise is a well known tune, but there are no titles, so the student must play the exercise correctly to guess the tune!

Oboe Exercises
Oboe Warmup

Oboe Long Tone Exercises

Slurring Exercises - For oboe students who need work on slurring from B and C to D smoothly. 

Bassoon Exercises
Tenor Clef Exercises - Exercises for bassoon students learning to read tenor clef. Each exercise is a well known tune, but there are no titles, so the student must play the exercise correctly to guess the tune.

Bassoon High Range Exercises - Exercises up to high G, in a "Name That Tune" format. 

Bassoon High Ab/G# Exercises - Exercises to help bassoon students learn high Ab/G#. 

Bassoon High Range Chromatic Exercises - Chromatic exercises up to high G.