Online Recorder Lessons

At the First Lesson

Recorder students who have played as part of their school’s music program or who have taken lessons before should bring their recorder(s), all of their music and books, a pencil, and a notebook. Students who have never played recorder before should bring their recorder, a pencil, a notebook, and a method book, which should be purchased from the teacher or a music store before the first lesson. Beginning recorder students should communicate with the teacher about which method books and what kind of recorder to buy.


Method Books

If a beginning recorder student does not already have a beginning method book, one will be chosen by the teacher. Recorder players with a basic knowledge of music reading and a good basic grasp of the notes and fingerings will be required to purchase “Basic Recorder Technique,” Volume 1, by Hugh Orr. Intermediate recorder students will be required to purchase “Basic Recorder Technique,” Volume 2, by Hugh Orr. Intermediate students who wish to learn the F recorders (sopranino, alto, bass) as well as the C recorders (soprano, tenor, great bass) will need to purchase both the “Soprano” and “Alto” versions of the Hugh Orr method. Intermediate and advanced students will also be working on standard solo repertoire, and while these pieces may be borrowed from the teacher, serious students will be encouraged to purchase their own copy.


At Every Lesson

Recorder students need to have their instrument(s), a pencil, all music, and a completed copy of the previous week's Daily Practice Checklist at each lesson. It may also be helpful to have a notebook to write down lesson notes. If the student has been assigned a worksheet, they should bring the worksheet to their lesson, whether it has been completed or not. If possible, the instrument(s) should be put together and ready to play before the lesson begins.


Other Expenses and Purchases

All recorder students will be encouraged to purchase a metronome and electronic tuner. Tuner and metronome apps are becoming available for most mobile devices, but these should only be used if the student has access to their own device. Small accessories like swabs will need to be purchased from time to time. Beginning recorder students may start out with a good quality plastic recorder, but intermediate and advanced students will need a wooden recorder. Intermediate and advanced recorder students may also wish to purchase alto, tenor or bass recorders. Recorders with keys should be brought into a repair shop every one or two years to be checked over.