Music Theory

At the First Lesson

Music theory students who are currently taking a class or who have taken a music theory class in the past should bring all textbooks and assignments, a pencil, and a notebook. Students who have never taken a music theory class must purchase “Music in Theory and Practice,” Volume 1, both the textbook and the workbook, by Bruce Benward and Marilyn Saker. These books should be brought to the first lesson, along with a pencil and a notebook.


At Every Lesson

Students should bring their textbook, workbook, all assignments, a pencil with adequate lead, an eraser, a notebook, and a list of questions to every lesson. Music theory lessons will not be a time for students to do their homework and/or get all the answers from the teacher. Students will be expected to have done as much of their homework as possible, and the teacher will look over the assignment, help the student with any difficulties, and present new material.