Just for Fun

Temperamental Musician - This is my dad's website, full of musical humor designs on just about any product you can think of.

"Memory" Music Game - A game played like the classic game of "Memory," except instead of a picture on each card you turn over, you click on a card and a note is played. Match up all the notes and you win!

Melody Music Game - Very similar to the handheld game of "Simon." The brightly colored birds will sing a sequence, adding one new note each time, which you have to repeat in the correct order. Your score is kept in the upper right corner, so you can try to improve your score every time you play!

Orchestra Quiz Game - Learn about the instrument of the orchestra! You will hear a short melody, and you have to figure out which instrument is playing it and click on the correct picture. Get all the instruments correct and you win the game!

Note Shooter Game - Use this game to improve your recognition of notes. There is a row of letters (note names) at the top of the screen. You will hear a note played as a treble clef shoots up toward the note names. Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to shoot the treble clef at the correct note name. The notes used the notes used in a one-octave C major scale, beginning on middle C.

Chord Quality Recognition Game - For the advanced music theory student. You will hear a chord played, and you have to choose which type of chord it is.