Piano Websites

Piano World  - Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about pianos can be found here!

Keys 4/4 Kids - Located in St.Paul, this place has over 100 pianos for sale at very reasonable prices. All the proceeds go to charity.

Piano Buyer - An up-to-date, informative guide to buying both acoustic and digital pianos.

The Frederick Collection - A collection of 19th century fully restored grand pianos. Pictures and descriptions of each piano.

Schubert Club Museum of Keyboard Instruments - This is a fascinating collection of early keyboard instruments, as well as early manuscripts and other instruments. The website is interesting and informative, and the museum, located in St. Paul, gives guided tours daily.


Woodwind Instrument Websites

Advantage USA  - Seller of oboe, bassoon, clarinet, and saxophone reeds. The least expensive place I've found for factory-made reeds.

Midwest Musical Imports - A great place to buy supplies for any woodwind instrument, especially double reed instruments. Lots of hand made reeds for sale, as well as good reedmaking supplies. They're located in Minneapolis, so you can either order online or go over to the store.

Charles Music - An online music store for double reed players. Midwest Musical Imports (see above) has better reeds, but Charles Music has more accessories.

Forrests Music - Another online music store with hundreds of double reed instrument accessories.

American Recorder Society  - An organization for the very serious recorder player.

International Double Reed Society - An organization for all of the oboe, bassoon, English horn, and other double reed players out there.

Oboes for Idgets - A fun, informative website for oboe students and their parents.

International Clarinet Association - An organization for clarinetists and clarinet enthusiasts.

The National Flute Association - An organization for the avid flutist.

Xaphoons - The xaphoon is a unique woodwind instrument, sometimes called the "pocket sax." Check out the website to learn more about it!

Music and the Bassoon - Online bassoon method, helpful tips, and more.